Friday, May 11, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Julep Mystery Box

Why is it so stinkin' hard to resist those Julep Mystery Boxes?  I tell myself EVERY time they come out with one that I don't need it, but somehow I always end up ordering one. And I ALWAYS love them.  This was my 3rd mystery box & once again, I found a new color that I would NEVER buy on my own, but fell madly in love with.  I guess that's why I keep buying them.  

So. . . here's my box of goodies:

Julep Crystal Nail File - $6
Age Defying Hand Brightener - 1 oz. - $10
Drew - $14
Jessica - $14
Emma - $14
Alyson - $14

Total Value of my Mystery Box: $72
I paid $19.99
FABULOUS DEAL if you ask me.

The Age Defying Hand Brightener is one of my favorite products.  It was the first Julep product I ever got & now I can't keep enough on hand.  I always get giddy when I get one of these travel sized guys.  They are perfect for my purse.  I also adore their crystal nail file.  They last forever & since I already have one, I'll be gifting this to my dear friend for her birthday.

Emma is a beautiful sheer shimmery pink color.  I have her already & love putting her over some of my other polishes.  She adds just enough sparkle to make them amazing.

Alyson was a newbie for me.  She's almost an brownish peach color.  I think I'm going to lover her when I get in one of my neutral moods.  (Right now I'm bright & summery, but I'm going to save her for fall when I wear more neutrals.)

Jessica is another one of my favorites.  My original bottle is almost out so I'm VERY happy to get another one to replenish my stash.  She is a GORGEOUS pastel blue color.  I wear her all the time.

And my little diamond in the rough this time around is a color named Drew.  At first glance I couldn't tell if I was looking at a coral, a red, or a pink.  It wasn't until I actually painted her onto my fingernails that I realized she was one of the most beautiful pinks I've ever seen.  She is BRIGHT, SUMMERY, & DARK. . . yet very pink.  You almost want to say she's red, but she isn't.  I LOVE HER.

Well, that's it until next month when another Mystery Box rolls out & I fail to resist the temptation to NOT buy one.  ;-)  Who knows, maybe I'll just start buying 2 every time.  ha ha ha.

For all of you who are trying to decide whether to sign up to be a Julep Maven or not, they have a REALLY GREAT DEAL going on right now. You can get your first box for only$0.01. Try it out, see if you like it, & if you don't just cancel. . . but I'm almost positive you won't.

Every month you will receive a Maven box filled with $40 of AWESOME manicure/pedicure products as well as some FABULOUS polishes for only $19.99. You have the option to SKIP as many months as you want if funds are low or if you just don't like your box. This is the only subscription service I know of that allows you to see your box before it's shipped & then allows you to decide if you like that box or if you want to trade it for one of 4 others. There's ALWAYS one you'll love.

And then the PERKS. Each month, Julep sends 100 lucky maven's a GOLDEN BOX that has $100+ worth of products just because! And then there are contests & sweepstakes you can enter all the time not to mention all the fun coupons they send out. And then there are MYSTERY BOXES! Those are the BEST. They offer mystery boxes every few months & they are worth anywhere from $60-$200 in product. It's just a fun company & their customer service is the best I've ever seen.

So if you want to get in on this great deal, just go to the Julep website here & take the style quiz. Put in the special code SHAREONMAY to get your box for just ONE CENT. I know you're going to LOVE IT.

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