Friday, April 13, 2012

Julep - Spring Mystery Box

Wahoo, my little black Julep Mystery Box arrived on my doorstep today. It's like Christmas morning whenever this happens!

I was REALLY nervous about this one because I have SO MANY Julep colors now that I was certain to get a bunch of duplicates, but I just can't pass up the urge for a box of mystery. ha ha ha

Much to my amazement & delight, I didn't get any polish duplicates. Talk about an awesome mystery box. . . & it was one of the small ones. I get excited pretty easily. So here's what I got. . .

* 2 Chocolate Coins
* 2 Chocolate Eggs
* January - $14.00
* Hayden - $14.00
* Pippa - $14.00
* Melissa - $14.00
* Cuticle Oil - $18.00
* Julep Nail File

Price Paid for my Mystery Box - $19.99
Total Worth of my Mystery Box - $74.00

I've been eyeing Melissa for a little while now, but just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Hooray for it appearing in my mystery box. I can't wait to try it out. Julep describes Melissa as a sheer opalescent shimmer that adds a soft glow when used alone & a high-fashion holographic when used over another color. How exciting does that sound?

Pippa has been on my want list since the day I joined Julep Maven. I've been DYING to have her & was SO SURPRISED that she showed up in my mystery box. Julep describes her as an updated neutral camel, sure to upstage. I've been wanting a nude polish for ages & this was it.

I seriously couldn't get Pippa on fast enough. I'm totally in LOVE.

I was secretly hoping to find Hayden in my box. A lot of the other Spring boxes had it & so I had my fingers crossed. There she was & I couldn't be happier. Julep describes Hayden as a neon peach. I think it's more of a neon tangerine color, but it's just SUPER FUN.

I'm a total red polish lover, but I don't have very many reds from Julep. I was very happy to finally add January to my collection. I love anything vintage & this is just perfect. It reminds me of the classic pinups from the 40's. I just couldn't be happier with my box. Julep describes January as a retro, tomato red with a modern shine. LOVE HER.

And last, but certainly not least, was my cuticle oil. I do have this already, but boy am I glad to get some more. I use this twice a day on myself & twice a day on my 7 year old daughter who suffers from crazy hangnails. This stuff has been working miracles for her & I was almost out. Hooray for replenishing my stash.

So. . . I was extremely happy with my Spring Mystery Box. Thank you Julep for being so awesome. I'll be a customer for life.

For all of you who are trying to decide whether to sign up to be a Julep Maven or not, they have a REALLY GREAT DEAL going on right now. You can get your first box for only$0.01. Try it out, see if you like it, & if you don't just cancel. . . but I'm almost positive you won't.

Every month you will receive a Maven box filled with $40 of AWESOME manicure/pedicure products as well as some FABULOUS polishes for only $19.99. You have the option to SKIP as many months as you want if funds are low or if you just don't like your box. This is the only subscription service I know of that allows you to see your box before it's shipped & then allows you to decide if you like that box or if you want to trade it for one of 4 others. There's ALWAYS one you'll love.

And then the PERKS. Each month, Julep sends 100 lucky maven's a GOLDEN BOX that has $100+ worth of products just because! And then there are contests & sweepstakes you can enter all the time not to mention all the fun coupons they send out. And then there are MYSTERY BOXES! Those are the BEST. They offer mystery boxes every few months & they are worth anywhere from $60-$200 in product. It's just a fun company & their customer service is the best I've ever seen.

So if you want to get in on this great deal, just go to the Julep website here & take the style quiz. Put in the special code COLOR2012 to get your box for just ONE CENT. I know you're going to LOVE IT.

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