Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2012 - Julep Maven Box

Wahoo!!! It's time for ANOTHER AWESOME JULEP MAVEN BOX. These boxes truly are the highlight of my month. "My name is Dani & I'm a nail polish addict."

I chose to stick with my Classic with a Twist box this month because the colors were fabulous. I've been dying for a mint creme polish for ages & there she was!!!!

I loved the box this month. Everything was surrounded by green shredded paper just like an Easter basket. Then they added chocolate eggs & some fun toe separators for my pedicures. Julep always outdoes itself. I just love them.

Here's what came in my April Maven box:
* The Best Pedi Creeme Ever Lotion/Exfoliante
* Susie - a GORGEOUS minty creme color
* Mandy - a super bright & super fun coral pink/red color
* Chocolate Eggs
* Orange Toe Separators

I usually LOVE all the "treatments" Julep puts with their polishes each month. The Best Pedi Creme Ever is okay. I wasn't floored by it like I was with the Argan Oil last month (still loving on that, by the way), but it wasn't bad either. It's a smooth, but OILY, cream you rub onto your feet & legs to exfoliate & moisturize them. I've used it for a week now & I wouldn't say it's any better than a body butter from The Body Shop. The scent is not my favorite, but I know a LOT of people that would LOVE IT. It's a very fresh cucumber minty smell, which is fine, but I prefer a sweeter smell in my lotions. But that's just me. It's small too. . . only 2 oz.
Retail price is $22 which is a little high for me. But as a Maven I get 20% off that making it $17.60, but even then I don't think I'd pay that much.

Now on to the polishes. . . Mandy is FUN. I honestly love it WAY more than I thought I would. It's a really spunky bright coral pink/red depending on what color clothes you're wearing. It has a pinker hue when wearing pink clothes & a reddish tint when wearing reds. This color is perfect for Spring!

My little 4 year old daughter was the first one to try Mandy on. She loved it. She said it's beautiful like Ariel's hair. (I love my kids.)

But the color I was REALLY waiting for was Susie. This really is the PERFECT NAIL POLISH. This is my very favorite Julep color by far. It's a minty creme & it's GORGEOUS. I'm going to need to get several bottles of this to keep on hand because I know I'm going to use her right up.

My 7 year old daughter modeled Susie for me first.

I also got 2 add ons this month for my Maven Box. Julep offered all their Mavens 2 extra April polishes for $4.99 each to add to their boxes. OH YEAH. I couldn't jump on that one fast enough. I ordered Jessica (pastel blue creme) & Renee (pastel violet creme) & did a really fun Easter manicure for me & my 3 girls.

For all of you who are trying to decide whether to sign up to be a Julep Maven or not, they have a REALLY GREAT DEAL going on right now. You can get your first box for only$0.01. Try it out, see if you like it, & if you don't just cancel. . . but I'm almost positive you won't.

Every month you will receive a Maven box filled with $40 of AWESOME manicure/pedicure products as well as some FABULOUS polishes for only $19.99. You have the option to SKIP as many months as you want if funds are low or if you just don't like your box. This is the only subscription service I know of that allows you to see your box before it's shipped & then allows you to decide if you like that box or if you want to trade it for one of 4 others. There's ALWAYS one you'll love.

And then the PERKS. Each month, Julep sends 100 lucky maven's a GOLDEN BOX that has $100+ worth of products just because! And then there are contests & sweepstakes you can enter all the time not to mention all the fun coupons they send out. And then there are MYSTERY BOXES! Those are the BEST. They offer mystery boxes every few months & they are worth anywhere from $60-$200 in product. It's just a fun company & their customer service is the best I've ever seen.

So if you want to get in on this great deal, just go to the Julep website here & take the style quiz. Put in the special code COLOR2012 to get your box for just ONE CENT. I know you're going to LOVE IT.

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