Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mario Badescu Strawberry Scrub

I just needed to do a shout out to Mario Badescu.  A friend told me about their awesome strawberry scrub the other day & I wanted to try it.  I emailed the company asking if they sold it in a travel size container so I could try it before I paid for a full bottle.  I have very sensitive skin, so trying products out before I commit to the full size is important to me.

They replied to me saying that they don't make a travel size, but that they wanted to send me a FREE SAMPLE of it to try out.  I offered to pay for shipping for the sample, but they insisted on it being entirely free.  (That alone makes me want to buy from them.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the sample they sent.  It was 5 times as big as the samples I've been receiving from Birchbox. . . & it was FREE.  
They sent me a nice letter along with a catalog of their products & 2 large sample containers of their strawberry scrub.  One container was a generous amount, but TWO?  Incredible.

I really liked this scrub.  It smells amazing (like fresh strawberries & cream) & has little strawberry seeds inside to help exfoliate the skin.  It's a VERY GENTLE scrub for people with sensitive skin.  I loved the whipped texture & the way it made my face feel & smell.  I will be purchasing the full size in the near future. . . as soon as I run out of my samples.

Thank you Mario Badescu for the nice surprise.  You guys just earned yourselves a new customer for life.

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