Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Maven Box - Boho Glam

I just get giddy when the postman delivers that little black box on my doorstep. I love being a Julep Maven. For February, Julep was celebrating the Oscars. Every color in the Oscar collection was made with the Academy Awards in mind. These colors are GORGEOUS. Normally I'm "Classic with a Twist," but I immediately fell in love with the "Boho Glam" box. The great thing about being a Julep Maven is that you get to PICK which box you want to get each month. I wasn't really crazy about the grey polish in the Classic box, so I SWITCHED my box for the Boho so I could get Marisa!

Julep also advertised that in February, 100 special OSCAR GOLDEN BOXES would be sent out to 100 lucky subscribers. I wasn't a lucky golden winner, but I LOVED my box. I saw some of the GOLD boxes & they had EVERY color in the Oscar collection as well as the cuticle oil & Top Coat for hair. The gals who got those were very lucky indeed.

So, on to my Boho Glam box. . . My box came with the Julep Cuticle Oil, Marisa & Oscar polishes, & a chocolate Oscar statue.

Marisa was the selling point for me in this box. She is a BEAUTIFUL dark blue with an almost purplish golden shimmer to it. I'm currently having a love-hate relationship with Marisa. Inside she is a very matte navy blue & I'm not very fond of her, but in the light & sunshine she is one of the most beautiful & shimmery polishes I've ever owned. I live in Monterey & it's been very grey & gloomy lately so she hasn't been shining at her best lately which has had me a little sad, but the sun came out today & she was RAVISHING in the sunlight. Yes, she's a keeper & she's growing on me more & more each day.

All five boxes in February came with Oscar, a golden glitter polish. I LOVE OSCAR. I will admit, she's a booger to get off like any glitter polish, but she's worth it. In 2 coats she fully covers your nails & she is BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to play with Oscar & Leah (green) for St. Patty's Day next month. The trick to getting Oscar off your nails is to wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover & wrap it around your nail for 5 minutes. It wipes off a LOT easier that way. I'm definitely in love with this one.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the cuticle oil. I've never used cuticle oils before & didn't think I needed it. OH BOY DID I NEED IT. I love the roller ball top. It makes for quick & easy applications. I've been putting it on once or twice a day for a week now & the look of my nails is 10 times better than they have ever been. The real SUCCESS STORY is my sweet little girl, Lorien. Lorien is almost 7 years old & she gets the WORST hangnails I've ever seen. This poor kid comes home from school with band-aids every day. Her hangnails bleed & bleed & she cries. My heart breaks for her. Since I got this cuticle oil, I've applied it on her little fingers twice a day every day & she hasn't had a hangnail once in over a week.
I'm going to buy her her own so she can keep it in her pocket & put it on all day long. This is ONE HAPPY MOMMY.

So another FABULOUS box from Julep Maven. I can't wait to see what's in my next box.

If you're interested in becoming a Julep Maven, they are having an AWESOME deal right now where you can get your FIRST BOX for $0.01; YES ONE CENT. Just enter the code COLOR2012 at checkout. Enjoy!

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