Friday, February 10, 2012

Julep - Valentine Mystery Box

Wahoo! Look what showed up on my doorstep last night? My Valentine Mystery box from Julep. A week ago Julep had a promo where you could purchase a "Mystery Box" filled with surprise products for $19.99. The boxes contents were guaranteed to be worth $60-$200. I knew at once I'd get a $60 box. I'm never lucky enough to win the big guys, but even $60 worth of my favorite nail products for $20 is a GREAT deal. I got Mystery Box #1 & this is what was inside:

I love it when they throw fun little things in there. In this box I got a cute little chocolate heart (that was yummy & was devoured almost immediately upon arrival) & a small jar of
white . . . fuzzy . . . stuff? I know this is a glitter pot, but it's not glitter & it's not sequins. It looks like FLUFF. I know how to use glitter & sequins, but does anyone out there know how to apply "fluff" to their fingernails properly? Can you put top coat over it? I really truly can't wait to try it out, I'm just curious if anyone out there knows exactly how to do it.

This box also came with a full size Julep Nail Therapy. I've heard AWESOME things about this stuff so I couldn't wait to try it out. It went on smoothly & it did have an almost conditioning feel as I applied it. It kind of has a strong smell, but it's not any worse than any other nail polish I've used. I can't wait to see how it does on my nails. It's supposed to be an ideal base coat & is supposed to make your nails strong & flexible. So we'll see.

I was SO HAPPY to see a travel size version of the Age Defying Hand Brightener in my box. Sure, I got the full size (3 times the size of this guy) in my intro box last month, but I'm SO incredibly in LOVE with this lotion that I'm THRILLED to have a small version for my purse. Now I can put in on ANYWHERE. This product is one of Julep's MUST HAVES.

I also got some Julep Nail Appliqués. These guys have an almost peacock feel/look to them. I've never used nail appliqués before so when I put these guys on I'll be sure to review them on a future blog post. In reality, these are NOT something I'd buy on my own, but that's what I love about Julep. They send me things that get me out of my comfort zone, & 9 times out of 10 I end up LOVING them.

Now for the colors. I will admit that I was kind of bummed when I pulled Taylor out of my box. Not that I don't like her. . . I actually LOVE HER, but I JUST got her in my box last month. So I've been wearing her for a month now. I kind of wished for a new fun color that I haven't tried yet, but now I'll be able to do a GIVEAWAY in the future so one of you can try Taylor out. You will LOVE HER. She is a beautiful bluish-purple periwinkle color & she is just beautiful on. Pulling her out of mystery box made me remember how much I do love her, so I did my nails in Taylor last night. :-)

The other color I got in my mystery box was Blake. I never in a thousand years would buy Blake on my own. I've never even considered painting my nails YELLOW. ha ha ha. But the more & more I stared at her, the more & more excited I got. Again, THANK YOU JULEP FOR GETTING ME TO STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. Blake is pretty pastel yellow color, perfect for Easter. I see some fun Easter nails in my future. I'm excited to play with her.

My almost 7 year old daughter was SO excited to see Blake in my box. Her favorite color is yellow & she BEGGED me to put it on her RIGHT NOW. So I did. Next Saturday is her 7th birthday & we're having a Spongebob Squarepants themed party. I'm thinking we might need to have matching SPONGEBOB NAILS for her special day. What do you think?

So that was my fabulous Mystery Box. Yes, I would have liked to get the $200 box, but seriously I loved my little box. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

If you'd like to learn more about the Julep Maven program click here & take the Julep Style Quiz. And just a reminder that you can get your first box for ONE CENT by using the coupon code COLOR2012. You won't regret it. I look forward to my box every month!

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