Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Julep Maven Intro Box

Are you a Julep Maven?

I heard about Julep from a friend a while back. Basically, it's like Birchbox for nail lovers. Every month Julep sends you a box filled with at least 2 polishes & other manicure/pedicure goodies for $19.99. The boxes value at over $40. Still, I couldn't bring myself to spend $20 a month on nail polish. But the more & more I read about the Julep Maven program, the more & more I knew I HAD to join.

So I did.

I took their style quiz & was assigned "Classic With A Twist" as my personal style. My intro box literally arrived in my mailbox a few days later. It was all wrapped up cute with a pretty bow.

Okay, so here's what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the whole Maven program. Each month on the 20th you'll get an email showing you what is going in YOUR style box. (I'm Classic with a Twist). If you love it, it will automatically get shipped to you on the 25th of the month & you will be charged your $19.99. If you decide you DON'T like the colors in YOUR box, you can view all of the 5 style options & switch YOUR box to whichever one you like best. That way YOU are getting what YOU want each month. If you decide money is tight one month or you just don't like the colors for that month, you can SKIP your shipment for that month. You will NOT be charged & you won't have to worry about a box being shipped. You also have the option to send YOUR box to a friend. What a great idea for birthdays & holidays! I just love all the options!

For my intro box, I chose Classic with a Twist which consisted of Taylor & Maya polishes & a full size Age Defying Hand Brightener Lotion.

Taylor is a beautiful periwinkle purplish-blue cream. I have 3 little girls & all three of them were drawn to this color. I couldn't paint their toes fast enough! I was really impressed with how quickly & easily it coated their nails. It was fully opaque in 2 coats & it was a brilliant color. I hate it when a color isn't true to what it looks like in the bottle. This is as close as you can get. It was PERFECT.

I was completely drawn to Maya. This guy is a gorgeous peachy-pink shimmer. I will admit, it DOES go on a little streaky at first, but after the 2nd coat it's not as noticeable. But the color makes up for it. It's beyond GORGEOUS.

But the most unexpected part of my box was the lotion. I've never been a big hand lotion person, but I am
It has the most divine light & citrusy scent that leaves your hands smelling & feeling fresh. I put this on 2-3 times a day & would DIE without it. It retails for $32 so it was a STEAL to get it in my intro box with 2 polishes (a total $60 value) for $19.99.

My name is Dani, & I'm addicted to Julep Maven.

Stay tuned for more reviews on my February Maven Box as well as my Valentine's Mystery Box coming soon. For more information on the Julep Maven program click here.

So how about you? What Julep Maven Style are you?

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