Thursday, February 23, 2012

February MyGlam Bag

My first MyGlam bag arrived in the mail on Saturday! I've heard several mixed reviews about this company. Some people love it & others hate it. MyGlam is a brand new company that started out in December so it's really only a 3 month old company. There have been quite a few shipping issues thus far, & a lot of subscribers did not receive their bags in January so everyone was really nervous going into February. But it looks like all the bags made it to their subscribers safe & sound this month. I was excited to get my first bag & see what was inside.

MyGlam works just like Birchbox. For $10 a month you get a fun little make-up bag with 4 to 5 deluxe samples of beauty products. I decided to do both Birchbox & MyGlam & then after a few months decide which one I like better & cancel the other membership.

Here is my February MyGlam bag. There were several postcards with coupon codes to all the companies that provided the samples for this month's bag. I admit that I do like this. If I try something & REALLY like it, how awesome is it to have an automatic coupon code to purchase MORE at a discount? Good job MyGlam on that one!

Inside I received the following products:

Freeman Hydration Mask in Goji Berry
X-Out Shine Control
NYX Roll On Shimmer in Blue
Premier Cinderella Mask & Eye Cream
$100 NUME Gift Card
2 Ghirardelli Chocolates

I was really kind of excited about this mask. I buy a lot of high end beauty products & am tired of spending that much money on them. I'd LOVE to find a cheaper brand that I could afford on a regular basis to save money. So I'm glad this was included along with higher end things. HOWEVER, I ended up being terribly allergic to it (like I am to most drugstore brands). My face felt like it was on fire & turned bright red like I had a sunburn. I was literally scrubbing it off my face as fast as I could. I felt like I was in a fiery furnace. It's too bad. . . the search continues. I really should just stay with the expensive stuff that doesn't KILL my face. You can buy these Freeman sample mask packets for $1.00 at Walmart.

I had the exact same reaction to the X-Out shine control. It made my face red & it burned going on. It smells terrible like a perm & feels like hand sanitizer being put on your face. You can definitely feel the drying effects of the alcohol. This is probably a GREAT product for people with oily skin. I can imagine this stuff sucks up that oil like nothing else, but I don't have oily skin & this just dried me out & burned my face. I've looked online in several places & can't figure out if this was a full size product or just a sample of it. I'm guessing it's just a sample since I peeled off the X-Out label & found ANOTHER label for Cindy Crawford's masque underneath the X-Out label. They obviously put the sample of X-Out in unused tubes of another company's products. A full size of Shine Controlis sold in a set with their cleanser for $19.95 making a full size worth $10.00. This is most likely not a fullsize, but it is a good size sample. I'm going to appraise it at around $5.00.

I know NYX is a cheaper brand of make-up, but I really like their products. They're mascara is the BEST STUFF EVER. So I was really excited about the NYX Roll-On Shimmer. I wasn't too thrilled about the 70's blue color, but the actual product itself is great. It went on a lot easier than I thought it would & it was pretty concentrated as well. It does wipe off if you're not careful but I can see how throwing one in your purse for those times you need a little extra sparkle would be nice. I definitely want totry a more useable color like a nude or champagne color. I can see myself buying many more of these especially since they only cost $4.50. (I LOVE SPARKLES)

Finally a mask that DOESN'T make my face burn. ha ha ha. The Premier Cinderella Mask sample was microscopic. Just a one time use, but what do you expect when the full size product is $150? I REALLY wish it had been bigger because I think this was my favorite product in my glam bag. The mask went on easily, didn't burn, felt fantastic, & smelled great. My face looked SO MUCH BETTER after using it too. They named it a Cinderella Mask for a reason. It makes your skin look fabulous. Unfortunately, for $150 a pop I will never get the chance to use it again. It's midnight & I'm back to my old maid self again. ha ha ha. So for $150 for 2 oz. our sample was .01 oz. making this sample worth a HUGE $0.73. There also was a sample for the Premier Eye Cream. I didn't see a huge difference in my eyes after using it, but it was soft & went on easily & didn't have any harsh smells. I probably wouldn't buy it though. The Premier website actually has this exact eye cream sample on their product page listed for $0.00. So basically this one WAS A FREE SAMPLE.

Also included in my glam bag was a $100 gift card to NUME to use on styling products or extensions. Sounds fabulous right? I was in desperate need of a new flat iron so I couldn't wait to spend my $100. HOLY COW. That $100 was NOTHING. Everything on their website is well over the $100 mark. I did really need a new flat iron & I've never owned a "nice" one before so I did splurge & paid quite a bit OUT OF POCKET for it. Much more than I probably should have. I also didn't appreciate the $12.00 shipping NUME charges. Butthey shipped SUPER FAST & I got my new Fashionista Hot Pink Flat Iron only 4 days later.

I have to admit. . . it was pretty. I'm a sucker for anything HOT PINK.

So was it worth the $80 I ended up paying for it? I'm still on the fence on that. I'm so much of a cheapskate when it comes to things like this that I can't justify paying $80 for much of anything. But I did it because I wanted to own something really nice, & it is. The first thing I noticed was how fast it heats up. I don't have to sit & wait 10 minutes for it to get hot enough to do my hair. Literally in 1-2 minutes, it's hot & ready to roll. The second thing I noticed was that it does NOT pull your hair. Every flat iron I've ever owned just rips the hair out of my head. I thought that was normal. I thought for sure this thing was a piece of junk because it didn't even get a good grip on my hair, but I soon realized that maybe that's the way it's SUPPOSED to be. Maybe my flat iron SHOULDN'T be ripping all my hair out. It flat ironed my hair super fast (even thought it's heat plates are much smaller than my last flat iron's) & it gives you hair a really pretty shine. I like it. It does work wonders on my girls' hair. My 4 1/2 year old has the most unmanageable hair I've ever seen. This flat iron made her hair GORGEOUS & Super Shiny. She loved it! I didn't realize how long her hair is since it wasn't all matted up in a curly mess. ha ha ha. So I highly do NOT recommend this flat iron for the $165 retail price, but the $80 I paid for it. . . maybe if you're wanting something nice for a change. Though I do feel it's kind of odd to get something in my glam bag that cost me $80 in the end if you know what I mean. But I do like getting discounts every now & again, just not EVERY time.

So let's see how February's Glam Bag added up. I paid $10 (+ an additional $80 for the flat iron, but I don't know if I should count that or not) & received $11.23 worth of product. I'm not sure that's a very good deal. Come on MyGlam. You have to make it somewhat WORTH being a member. Here's hoping March brings better surprises. :-)

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