Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 2012 - Birchbox

I had mixed feelings about my March Birchbox. Birchbox emailed me in February & invited me to take part in the Teen Vogue Birchbox. I agreed to receiving the Teen Vogue box & actually started getting REALLY excited for it. They mentioned Essie so I couldn't wait to get it.

Well, my March Birchbox arrived & they sent me a regular Birchbox. I was SO BUMMED I didn't get a Teen Vogue box. If they weren't going to send it to me then why in the world did they ask if I wanted one. What made me even angrier was that SEVERAL people got the Teen Vogue boxes that DIDN'T want them. POORLY DONE, BIRCHBOX. Poorly done.

HOWEVER, I did like my box in March MUCH better than my February box. So I couldn't stay mad for long. Here's what I got:

- Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens: 25 Sheets
- Color Club Mini Nail Lacquer in Lava Lamp
- Grandma Stelle's Refreshing Hand Soap
- Traditions Yucca Root Shampooing Cream
- Stila Smoky Eye Card
- Kusmi Detox Tea - 2 packages

The whole Stila Smokey Eye card thing was a joke. It's a postcard with 3 of their colors on it. You're supposed to be able to use the powder on the postcard to do your eyes, but I couldn't even get one full use out of it. The powder was going everywhere & there wasn't enough to cover one full eyelid, let alone two. I did enjoy the dark liner color. It had strong pigment but the other 2 were lacking. I can't even make this sample worth anything. You get better FREE samples from Sephora.

Sample Size: worthless postcard
Full Size: $45 for 3 colors
Worth: $ NOTHING

The Color Club Nail Polish was fun. This was a color I would expect in the Teen Vogue box, but not in the normal box. So I was a little surprised, but pleasantly. I'm still trying to get fully on board with the new neon fab right now. I WANT to be adventurous, but am scared at the same time. So I put this on my 7 year old daughter to see how it looked on.

As you can see, it's a NEON ORANGE. . . we're talking brighter than an orange highlighter bright. The pictures don't even do it justice. It's really kind of fun. I don't know if I'll ever get up the courage to wear it myself, but it sure is fun for my 3 girls to wear. And I need to add in there that it's the longest lasting nail polish I've ever seen in my life. I didn't use any base or top coat with it on my daughter's hands & I had to remove it with polish remover OVER A WEEK after I put it on her. Lorien is my crazy tomboy girl & nail polish is GONE within 2 DAYS on her. I was amazed. It's a GREAT QUALITY POLISH.

Sample Size - Mini Polish .25 oz.
Full Size - .50 oz. $8.00
Total Sample Worth: $4.00

(ps. . . How cute is my darling little girl?)

I did not try the Kusmi Tea samples. I'm not a tea drinker so I gave these samples to a friend of mine who LIVES on tea. She enjoyed them VERY much.

Sample Size - 2 bags
Full Size - 24 bags $21.95
Total Sample Worth: $1.84

I love the idea of the Boscia Blotting Linens. I get shiny by 3:00 in the afternoon & these fix that in a convenient & easy way. I just threw my sample pack in my purse & then when I pick my kids up from school, I grab one out of my purse & blot my sorrows away. ha ha ha. It absorbs oil quickly & easily. It's a great product for people with oily skin.

Sample Size - 25 sheets
Full Size - 100 sheets $10
Total Sample Worth: $2.50

I thought Grandma Stelle's Hand Soap was an odd addition to my box, but it was fun I guess. It's just a liquid hand soap. There's nothing "special" about it & the container it comes in is hard to open when you're trying to wash your hands (it needs a pump, which the full size has), but it is just a sample so I can forgive that. It smells good, but not any better than any other hand soap I've tried. My final say - It's WAY overpriced for a hand soap.

Sample Size: 2 oz. 60 mL
Full Size: 400 mL $20
Total Sample Worth: $3.00

One of my favorite products from this box was the Traditions by Nick Chavez Yucca Root Shampooing Cream. I LOVED THIS. It's creamy & foamy & soft & it makes your hair feel & smell FABULOUS. I'm always looking for hair products that I can love & I just added this to my list. I'll have to get a big one of these eventually.

Sample Size: 2 oz. 60 mL
Full Size: 250 mL $20
Total Sample Worth: $4.80

So even though I didn't get the Teen Vogue box I was promised, I still enjoyed what I received in my March Birchbox. I am looking forward to my April one now.

Total worth of my March Birchbox: $16.14

So I got more than what I paid for it & that's all I really ask. I still encourage Birchbox to even things out a bit. The Teen Vogue boxes had full size Essie polishes worth $8.00 as well as full size Tarte Lip Tints worth $24.00. Those boxes were worth more than $32.00 which is more than TWICE what my box was worth. Even it out between all your customers & you might get a little more business & less cancellations.

Until next month . . .

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